The Family Threesome by John Kellerman

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Sheri Hawkins is a young girl on the threshold of womanhood. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality. Her sexual curiosity and confusion lead her to acts some would consider immoral, but they are all a learning experience.

THE FAMILY THREESOME — the story of one girl’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.

When Merle pulled up to the curb, Mona reached for the door before he had turned the engine off. Someone had left her porch light on and the glow through the evergreens by the walk seemed to make her all the more eager to end the date.

“Hey, you’re going to invite me in, aren’t you?” Merle said, taking her wrist.

“Merle darling, it’s been a wonderful night.” She leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. His lips were hungry, eager. She let him nibble on her neck for a few moments and then pushed herself away. They looked at each other intently in the dim light.


“I’d love to. You know I would.” Her voice trembled. When Merle wanted her, she always got like that. It was at such times when she sensed what a man really was. A powerful, carnal animal with a great hard thing that grew from between his legs. This image always excited her tremendously.

“If you’d love to, well, why don’t we…”

“Merle. I told you why we couldn’t tonight.”

“Your brother. I know.” He let out a breath and leaned back in the seat. The clock on the dash ticked. Merle leaned towards her again.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.
Note: This story is the same as catalog number GE-1002 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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