The New Neighbors by Jane Fox
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This is the story about married adults who, while still in love with their respective mates, find themselves getting bored. Then an unusual set of circumstances revolutionizes their lifestyles and forever changes the workings of their marriages.

THE NEW NEIGHBORS — the story of one possible road to marital happiness. A path taken by many others today. A comment on the changing mores of our restless society.

Tiffany Brown reached out and grabbed Richard’s big, stiff cock. She forced a smile and opened her luscious red lips. Then she fucked her hot mouth down over his huge cockhead, licking and smacking in a frenzy, trying to forget that tomorrow was moving day and they were going to have to leave swinging New York forever.

Steve Brown gave his wife an encouraging pat on the ass. He had noticed her sadness. He knew just how she was feeling. It was kind of scary to leave all the new, wonderful friends they had found and move to the Midwest. They didn’t even know if there were swingers clubs there. They only knew Steve’s father had left them a nice little photography studio and an offer they couldn’t afford to turn down. Even on his deathbed, Steve’s dad had managed to nudge Steve and Tiffany toward the straight, proper life. He had left them the studio if — and it was a big — if they worked in it for a full year.

Steve gazed around at their friends in mounting disappointment. There was Lisa with her fabulous tits and Glen, her rock-musician husband. Richard and Cathy were both artists, working mostly on plastic nudes, and Sara, the go-go dancer with her newest college dropout boyfriend. On the whole it was a good crew and every one of them knew how to have fun. Steve’s erect cock quivered when he thought of burying his prick in any of the tight, hot pussies the women were so eagerly showing. God, it would be hard to leave.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.
Note: This story is the same as catalog number PP-8015 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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