Ganging Up On Brother by John Kellerman
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GANGING UP ON BROTHER is the story of an average teen-age girl’s struggle to make that difficult transition into adulthood, a quiet struggle inexorably leading her onward to maturity. It is a reminder of the pitfalls standing in the way of those growing up.

“Emily! You can’t believe what I’ve got!” said Bonny Dexter.

Emily put her books in her locker and glanced into the small mirror she’d hung on the inside of the door. Her freckles were still there. She’d put lemon juice on them that morning but they were still there. She made a face at her reflection as she jerked a comb through her hair. Bonnie looked over her shoulder.

“You don’t seem very interested.”

“Okay Bonny, what you got?”

Her friend held a small bottle up. “Look! Kama Sutra oil!”

“What’s Kama Sutra oil?”

“You don’t know what Kama Sutra oil is?” Bonny shook her head. “Well, I’ll tell you. People use it to fuck with.” Bonny had whispered this and Emily felt a familiar thrill shoot through her body. She stopped combing her hair and looked at the small vial.

“Where’d you get it?” Emily asked. Her red-haired friend bit her lip and grinned.

“My sister had it stashed in the bottom of her underwear drawer.”

Emily laughed. Bonny’s big sister was not the type to be hiding things in her underwear drawer. She was overweight, wore thick glasses and hardly ever dated. Emily knew that Laura Dexter probably used the stuff on herself. The thought made another fiery thrill tickle through Emily’s legs. Her pussy throbbed hotly against the crotch of her panties.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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