Mom In The Raw by Brian Laver
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Jim, the teen in MOM IN THE RAW, is a teenager embarking on his own special journey into adolescence. He finds himself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about his awakening sexuality, sometimes getting angry over imagined slights and youthful misjudgments. It is only through the patient understanding of his widowed mother that Jim manages to put his world into perspective, coping with his new feelings and taking disappointments in stride.

MOM IN THE RAW-the story of one average American young boy’s coming of age. A reminder to us all that growing up is not easy.

Jimmy had gone to bed, the dishes were done and there was nothing left for Peggy to do but celebrate her anniversary. She sat in her favorite chair and sipped her whiskey and ginger ale as the years since her marriage seemed to play back in her memory. It had been twenty years since she married that skunk and almost fifteen since she’d seen him.

Clark had been a handsome devil, and he had swept her off her feet. Twenty years later, it was hard for her to understand how she had let herself be so foolish. She thought she could change Clark and turn his wild boyishness into responsible manhood. Well, what the hell, she had only been seventeen at the time.

Soon after the marriage she had become pregnant and Clark began to show his true colors. As her belly swelled with the child, Clark became more and more like a child himself, so when he split shortly after Jimmy was born, she didn’t even care. After all, one child was enough.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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