The Tempting Twins by Ray Todd
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THE TEMPTING TWINS is the story of a family whose passionate natures drives it to a behavior which strains the values and strictures of small town life. It is the story of everyday people, responsible, respectable citizens of the community, yet people with many foibles and weaknesses, people who secretly seek the pleasurable, the profitable, the expedient.

THE TEMPTING TWINS is entertaining fiction, yes. But with an element of truth about the passions with which we must all deal.

Claudine Harris was watching the twins doing their homework as she applied the clear polish to her nails. Claudine, a high school teacher of twenty-four, had been both a mother and sister to the teenagers since they’d lost their parents in a tragic auto accident a few years ago. Her father had left them the home and a fairly adequate insurance policy, and combined with her income as a teacher, Claudine was doing an excellent job of raising her little brother and sister.

At the age of eighteen, Jody and Judy were handsome youngsters with freckle dusted faces and bright red hair. Raising the teenagers had severely curtailed Claudine’s social life, but she didn’t really mind. She avoided becoming personally involved with men as she realized that a suitor was not anxious to take on the burden of two young teenagers. She realized that she’d still be in her early thirties when the teenagers were raised, and she’d still have plenty of time for a family of her own.

The one thing that did bother Claudine was sexual frustration. Not wanting to complicate her life, she’d made a point of avoiding male advances, and being an extremely sensuous girl, she depended solely on masturbation for relief. Claudine realized that the male teachers at school considered her a beautiful, but cold woman and she often wondered what they would think if they realized how much she fantasized about them when she fingered herself off. There was nothing in the world that Claudine wanted more than a good fuck, but she knew this would have to wait. No man was ever going to complicate her life until the twins had been raised.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number GE-1022 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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