The Voyeur Teacher by Frank Levy
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In THE VOYEUR TEACHER, an attractive social mistress has learned to be outward and honest with her sexual desires, and she becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is dedicated to become a sexually liberated soul — a person who not only feels sexually free, but who has been compelled to unshackle others from the bonds of puritanism.

THE VOYEUR TEACHER deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate — but perhaps the answer lies with the individual. Let he or she decide their own standard of morality, just as the young woman in this story has done.

Mary Frances Ferguson, the headmistress of the Ferguson School, looked across her desk at the young man she was interviewing for the job of boys’ physical education teacher. She felt a beginning tingling and a slight dampness in her panties. Damn! He sure looked just like what she had in mind!

He was a very handsome young man, blond hair, thick, but not too long, wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips, strong thighs, and a nice snug fullness between his legs.

His eyes were a deep slate blue and stared back at her with a slight dullness, just a hint of stupidity. She liked that. Miss Ferguson ran the show at her school, and she didn’t want a man around that she couldn’t control easily enough.

Kris Kristopoulos sat across from her and watched her looking at his file and back at him as if she were trying to match him up with the person described in there. He was sweating from nervousness. He needed a job pretty badly. He had gotten bounced from the job where he worked at his first school for committing certain improprieties.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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