Kidnapped Housewife by Heather Brown
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In KIDNAPPED HOUSEWIFE, Angie, a young wife, finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by two sadistic brothers, degraded and sexually abused, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

She suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman for what has happened to her.

My cunt was filled with ten inches of hot, throbbing cock. The fit was so tight I thought I would scream.

Inside, I was tense. In knots.

Repeatedly, I’d come to the brink of orgasm and then failed. The harder I was fucked, the more frustrating it was for me. This affair was turning out like all the others.

“Fuck me harder, harder!” I forced myself to beg, even though the phallic jackhammer splitting my thighs was already killing me.

Despite my suffering, I was not yet ready to give up my quest for an orgasm. Through the agony, I wanted to come so bad I could taste it.

To emphasize my willingness to go to the limit no matter how much it hurt, I wrapped my legs around the hard-fucking owner of the hard-on splitting my guts, yanking him into me even deeper. I could feel his balls broiling against the lips of my pussy.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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