Naughty, Naked Neighbors by Jane Fox
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NAUGHTY, NAKED NEIGHBORS is a story about married adults who, while still in love with their respective mates, find themselves getting bored. Then an unusual set of circumstances revolutionizes their lifestyles, and forever changes the workings of their marriages.

And while they struggle to come to terms with their new way of life, they also struggle to keep up a facade of respectability: attending the proper social functions, keeping their homes in good order, working at their jobs while behind the scenes they embark upon a path condemned by many but which, for them, is a new lease on life.

NAUGHTY, NAKED NEIGHBORS — the story of one possible road to marital happiness. A path taken by many others today; a moment on the changing mores of our restless society.

Nita Swenson gave one last swipe at the inside of the kitchen cabinet and leaned back against the table. Allen was still in the living room, finishing unpacking the books from the orange crates. Moving was a real drag and Nita was glad that they were almost finished. She could use a shower and a good meal.

Nita pulled the kerchief off her hair. The auburn ringlets were plastered to her head so tightly that she didn’t think she’d ever get her hair clean. She unbuttoned the jean shirt she was wearing and tossed it in the new washer. Her jeans were added to the load and then her lacy white panties.

Nita walked to the living room, her full titties bouncing freely. She stood in the doorway and called to Allen.

“I’m going to take a shower, honey. I’m just beat from unpacking the kitchen stuff. Why don’t you run down and pick up some hamburgers for dinner?”

Allen looked up and his mouth opened in surprise. Then a pleased grin appeared on his face. He never could resist the sight of Nita without any clothes on. Her titties jutted straight out like rocks the nipples shiny red marbles. Her pussy was just as beautiful as her titties, a soft, red powder puff of hair hiding the pink wetness inside.

“I think I’ll take a shower too,” Allen suggested, grinning wickedly. “Maybe we’ll feel more like doing something once we get all nice and clean.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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