The Coed's Wild Field Trip by Robert Vickers
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In THE COED’S WILD FIELD TRIP, an attractive coed, Virginia Can, finds her suppressed fantasies suddenly brought out into the open, brought to life, as she never imagined they could be. With just the right stimulus, she discovers in herself an irrepressible appetite for sex, a carnal craving she never thought she could exploit.

THE COED’S WILD FIELD TRIP — a story dealing with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. An account of one girl’s solution to a nagging frustration.

“I think I’d really like to feel those hot lips of yours sucking on my cock,” Frank told Virginia. He chuckled a little as she blushed. She was such a hot bush he could hardly keep his erect prick inside his pants. It was really hurting him and bad.

“That’s gross,” she primly told him. The heat of her embarrassment was slowly fading but still the way he’d so boldly approached her rankled her. The very, idea!

“No, it’s not. I think it would be fun. You look like a Grade A cock sucking chick to me. Am I wrong?”

“YES!” she flared.

He laughed again. That made her even more uncomfortable. There was something about him that both repulsed and attracted her. She didn’t understand what it was. He was attractive. One of the handsomest guys in any of her college classes, in fact. She knew that any of the other girls along on this geology field trip would have fallen all over themselves to get a chance at Frank’s long cock.

At least, she thought his prick was huge. If the bulge in his jeans was any indication, it was a monster.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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