The Peeping Neighbors by Jane Fox
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THE PEEPING NEIGHBORS is the serious and shocking story of an apartment complex occupied by tenants who enjoy spying on each other. A novel that reveals a clandestine society. Food for serious thought.

Vera Parker snuggled close to her husband on the couch. They were watching an old Western, but Vera was much more interested in Vance than she was in the movie. Even though she had spent six hours standing on her feet in the elevator today, she wasn’t a bit tired. She pressed her lush body up against Vance’s arm, brushing him deliberately with her full titties.

“Mmmmmm,” Vance sighed, reaching out to fondle her full, warm nipples. “This movie’s almost finished, honey. What do you say we turn in early tonight?”

Vera giggled. “That’s fine with me,” she said eagerly. She had worn her new pink nightgown and the perfume that Sharon McNeal had recommended. It seemed to be working too. She could see the hard bulge of Vance’s cock in the flickering light of the television.

Vera was shy by nature, but she swallowed in excitement and reached out to run her fingers right over the bulge of Vance’s cock. Sharon had said to go right ahead and tell Vance what she wanted. Sharon was the apartment’s resident expert on sex. She and Vera were good friends. When Vera had mentioned that Vance didn’t seem to be interested in sex any more, Sharon had given her lots of good advice, even helping her pick out this sexy new nightgown. Sharon’s suggestions were working too. Vera almost giggled when Vance’s prick jerked under her fingers. Sharon was right. You had to go right out after what you wanted.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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