Hot Pants Weather Girl by Ray Todd
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There were only two television stations in the small town, and Wayne Marshal was the owner and manager of one of them. With both stations having network affiliations, their main rating battle was for viewers on the evening news which was mostly sponsored by local merchants. The battle for higher ratings during the news period had been going on for years and Wayne Marshal’s station had remained a poor second in the contest.

A rather handsome man in his late forties, he’d bought the station several years ago when he left Los Angeles where he’d been a network account executive. He’d worked hard, and tried many innovations, but still trailed his competition in viewers during the evening news.

When he’d come out to take over the station several years ago, he brought Babs Conner along to serve as his girl Friday, as well as his mistress. She’d been a vibrant little redhead at the time, and now in her early thirties, Babs was a beautiful young woman and absolutely indispensable to the operation of the station. Babs Conner had her discreet affairs with her gentlemen friends, but her body was always available to Wayne whenever he wanted her.

As Wayne’s top executive, Babs had her own suite of offices that adjoined his. Because of her sharp and brilliant mind, the man rarely argued with the woman’s decisions.

“Have you received many applicants?” asked Wayne as Babs sat in his office with him one afternoon.

“A few,” she sighed. “We’re auditioning two girls tomorrow.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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