Teacher Wants It Rough by J. T. Watson
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Society often punishes hardy individuals. Society is slow to accept change. Our highest and most respected institutions can ill-afford changes that could very well shatter their strongest foundations. The freedom-craving individual must trust his self-knowledge and carry on bravely in order to withstand the often difficult consequences of an individual pursuit.

TEACHER WANTS IT ROUGH deals with the struggles of an intelligent, aware woman who tries to find sexual freedom in a profession and social climate fraught with repression and hypocrisy. It is a story told so honestly, so candidly, that the reader himself will experience her every frustrating defeat and eventual joyful triumph.

“Fuck the students!” Peggy Thompson thought as she finished grading the papers of her class. Little did she realize at that angry moment that fucking the students was exactly what she would do. And instead of being angry, she would love it.

She gave a discouraged sigh as she thought about the games her class had been playing with her. They didn’t care about learning. Especially the Biggers boy. He was the worst of the lot. All of his answers sounded like intentional bad jokes. He hadn’t even tried to pass the test.

“A beautiful lady shouldn’t look so unhappy,” a man’s voice said.

Peggy was startled, and she glanced up guiltily. “Oh, it’s you, Arthur. I thought it was the principal.”

“And you didn’t want him to catch you wearing such an unhappy expression,” Arthur said.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I know it sounds hypocritical but this is my first job.”

Arthur patted her arm sympathetically. “Don’t feel so bad. Remember what I told you on your first day. These aren’t good kids. They’re mostly ignorant rednecks and they’ll never make anything out of themselves. All we can do is try.”

“I know,” Peggy said, “but I feel so disappointed. I thought I was getting to them.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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