The Wife's Wild Urge by J. T. Watson
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In THE WIFE’S WILD URGE, Lynn Nobles is one of those outwardly normal people. In fact, if anything, she seems more shy, more reserved than most. But deep within herself she is becoming the helpless captive of a reckless passion which, now that she had at last acknowledged it, must be fed a constant diet of perverse excitement.

THE WIFE’S WILD URGE — a novel that explores a hidden segment of our society, a powerful lesson for those who refuse to believe some of the darkest problems that face us all.

Lynn Nobles was surprised to find that her husband wasn’t home when she came back from the market. She’d told him that she was going to make his favorite dinner for him, and then she was going to slip into something soft and slinky. She’d also told him that there were going to be no holds barred. They were going to have a night of lovemaking that he would remember for a long time. She’d do anything he wanted. Anything. Even if it was kinky. She was in that kind of mood.

But her husband’s car was gone when she pulled into the driveway and that started that nagging worry again. Bill had been in a strange mood lately. Almost like he was angry with her. She had thought that it was pressures at work. That was why she had promised him such a fun evening.

She grew angry at him. He’d ruined the mood. He wasn’t going to get such a chance again.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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