Family Affair by C. K. Ralston
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FAMILY AFFAIR is about a pretty virgin who, when suddenly placed in the unfamiliar home of her aunt and uncle, finds herself unable to repress her sexual desires.

Thrust into a new home with new guardians, she succumbs to temptation and methodically seduces the family members. FAMILY AFFAIR is the story of a common problem in our society, and one girl’s solution to it.

When she hopped off the grumbling bus and collected her bags from the driver, little Sandy Remington was dressed in a sedate, ruffled sun dress that looked as though a maiden aunt had picked it out. Sandy made her way quickly through the crowded bus terminal and into the ladies room.

Once inside, the petite, pretty girl locked herself in one of the pay toilets and yanked her dress off.

Nude except for her filmy red panties, the blonde looked outside the stall and, seeing no one else in the huge bathroom, opened the door to watch herself dressing in the wide expanse of mirrors behind the sinks. Sandy examined her rich brown tan, her deep-water blue eyes, the way her shoulder length hair, golden as a field of summer corn, hung loosely around her cute face with its small, upturned nose.

Cupping her tits in each hand, Sandy brought them together and rolled them around on her chest, smiling as her tiny nipples touched and a tingle of sexual pleasure shot through them. The girl released her pulsing tits and rubbed her cunt through the fabric of her panties.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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