Virgin In Heat by Norma Egan
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VIRGIN IN HEAT is the story of Wendy Evans, at first an innocent young girl, who, soon stops at nothing to win a beauty contest in the hope of becoming rich and famous. With only success in mind, Wendy uses her body in order to attain her goals — and, of course, she is the one who eventually suffers. She becomes surrounded by men who are willing to use her and abuse her, and her degradation seems destined to continue unabated.

A shocking novel of human greed and human nature. A story that asks many questions about our unsettled times.

In the small Mid-Western town of Oakdale courting couples gathered by the dozens every Saturday night at Trout Lake to play a familiar game. In each parked car a boy was trying to persuade a girl to go just a little farther. And in one car, a green ’72 Chevy, the boy seemed to be succeeding.

“Wendy, baby,” Dick Borden panted, “I want you so much.”

Wendy Evans eagerly returned Dick’s hot embrace and sighed, “I want you, too, Dick.”

“How much do you want me?” Dick said, nuzzling her neck. “Enough to marry me?”

Wendy drew back. “Dick,” she said sadly, “you know that isn’t possible.”

Dick gave her a hurt look, and once again Wendy felt caught in a terrible dilemma. She loved Dick and had been planning to marry him for a long time. But recently she’d had a chance to enter the Miss North America beauty pageant, the dream of her life, and the pageant wasn’t open to married women. She had to choose between the man she loved and the greatest ambition of her life.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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