Family Flesh Feast by Mark Carver
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In FAMILY FLESH FEAST, an entire family — and many other residents of the town in which they live — is faced with changes which greatly affect their personal lives, as well as their relationships with one another.

FAMILY FLESH FEAST is the story of the Moore family and some of their friends and neighbors who, while striving to lead normal lives, discover that there are forces that exist over which they seem to have little control.

On her knees before the teenager, Donna Moore had one heart stopping moment of panic as she took his stiff cock out of his pants. If her husband or son or daughter walked in the house at this moment and saw her…

They wouldn’t believe what they saw anyway.

For one thing, her appearance was stunningly different. Kneeling before the groaning boy, Donna’s eyes blazed with fierce passion as her ripe tits panted in a low cut, see through black bra, with openings for her swollen red nipples. Her hot silken ass was almost naked, the sheer bikini panties hugging their juicy curves. The panties were crotchless, so that her dripping pink cunt peeped through obscenely.

Her ass weaved lewdly now as she thrust the boy’s long rod into her eager lips. Donna began to suck him off with low urgent whimpers, one hand stroking his prick while the other gently squeezed his big balls. The cuckoo clock on the wall suddenly hooted, and she almost fainted with nervous fright. Then she remembered she was in her kitchen blowing a handsome young stranger, young enough to be her own son.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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