A Visit From Sis by David St. Martin
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“Damn that feels good, Joey!”

Her gasp was barely audible over the noisy sucking. Her firm tits had been aching for this — but not nearly as much as her slippery young cunt ached for what was to come.

“Yes! Bite them!”

She opened her dark brown eyes and looked down at the boy’s head as he moved his mouth back and forth, feasting on her luscious tits. It wasn’t that Amy’s tits were particularly big, but a 34C looked twice as large on her otherwise slim frame. They drove men wild — which was fine by Amy. Her tits craved all the attention they could get.

“That’s it! No — ahh!”

She’d been about to tell him to touch her slobbering pussy, but he’d already started moving his hand up under her short skirt. Amy let her head loll back on the seat, her long, straight, blond hair cascading over the back. She spread her slender legs to accommodate his touch. She felt his hand going higher on her quivering thighs as he sucked her left tit into his mouth and rasped the sensitive flesh with his deft tongue. She reached out with one hand, running her fingers over the denim of his jeans until she found the hard, full bulge of his cock and quickly fumbled open his zipper.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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