The Naughty Salesgirl by Robert Vickers
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In THE NAUGHTY SALESGIRL, an attractive salesgirl finds her suppressed fantasies suddenly brought out into the open, brought to life as she never imagined they could be. With just the right stimulus, she discovers in herself in irrepressible appetite for sex, a carnal craving she never thought she could exploit.

THE NAUGHTY SALESGIRL — a story dealing with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. An account of one girl’s solution to a nagging frustration.

“Martin, please, watch where you put your hand!” whispered Katherine Sherbourne, as she felt the man’s hand slowly edging up under her skirt. She glanced around nervously to see if any of the others in the elevator had noticed this liberty he was taking with her body.

“I’d love to watch it, but you’ve got a lot of skirt covering up that pretty little rump of yours.”

She squealed as he pinched her bottom. She twisted and tried to turn so that she could get him to stop. Instead, he goosed her, his thumb pressing all the way up into the white cotton panties she wore. She blushed furiously. This wasn’t the way she expected a boyfriend to act. He was embarrassing her in public.

“Stop that!”

“Stop what?” he said innocently, his hand never stopping. He felt the smooth warm flesh of her firm inner thigh and then moved up to her snatch. The girl might have been protesting, but the man realized that she was getting a real thrill out of him copping a feel in the public elevator. Her panties were almost totally drenched with her love oils. It took all of his control to keep from using his other hand to run the zipper of his fly down the track and let his prick leap out so that he could fuck her.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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