The Wife's New Family by Ray Todd
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In THE WIFE’S NEW FAMILY, a knowledge-seeking young girl makes many transitions, some of which society may deem wrong and totally evil. Guided by the oft-times bad influences of parents and friends, as well as complete strangers, young Amber Collins is drawn into a life of prostitution. After struggling with this unfulfilling lifestyle, Amber falls in love with a young man in a chance meeting, and learns what life is really all about.

THE WIFE’S NEW FAMILY — a fast-paced novel concerning one girl’s way of handling these necessary transitions.

Amber Collins had never been fucked. She was eighteen years old, redheaded, freckled and cute. She lived in a run-down neighborhood with her mother and chronically unemployed father, who found his solace in cheap whiskey. Amber’s mother barely made ends meet on the meager wages she earned as a seamstress in a nearby garment factory.

Life was drab and miserable for the youngster, except for that one month every summer when her mother sent her to Uncle Ned’s and Aunt Martha’s farm. She always thoroughly enjoyed her annual vacation with them, but she wished her cousin, Mark, wasn’t so mean to her. Amber thought her eighteen-year-old cousin was wonderful, but he considered her nothing but a little snot-nosed pest. He never included Amber while playing with his friends and they even threw rocks at her when she tried to follow them.

“Oh, Mark,” his mother had often said to him. “Why aren’t you nice to poor little Amber? She doesn’t have a very pleasant life at home, and it would make her so happy if you’d include her in the games with your friends.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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