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The Adult Ebook Classics catalog is a collection of vintage adult stories, mostly from original Greenleaf Classics, Liverpool Library Press, Beeline and Other publication sources. All are XXX erotic adult stories in digital eBook “pdf” format, suitable for viewing on all electronic devices.

All of these erotic stories date from the classic era of adult fiction originally published in the 1960’s through the 1980’s, often referred to as the Golden Age of Erotica. Many popular “authors” appear in all of these collections.

This website contains material suitable for adults only! Click here to read the Terms and Conditions of Use that you must meet in order to use this website. Clicking anywhere else on this page or site means that you have read these Terms and Conditions of Use, qualify for them, accept them, and agree to follow them.

Paperback Books

We have some remaining pre-owned Adult Paperback Books from Greenleaf Classics and Liverpool Library Press. They have been moved to our partner website, Adult Book Classics located at this link: They are in print format, as originally published decades ago. Collectors are welcome. These PAPERBACKS are considerably more expensive than eBooks.


Our inventory of XXX Erotic Porn Fiction Stories in eBook format is growing as we find more of them in the public domain to add. We charge a small service fee for these eBooks, to cover our preparation and presentation costs. Most have been proof-read and cleaned up, but many still contain occasional spelling errors as introduced in print by the original publishers or by those who scanned originals. We fix errors as we find them, creating better copies than you will find elsewhere. We do not offer eBooks in print format.

If you have or find an eBook cover image that we don’t have, send it to us and if we use it, we’ll send you an updated eBook for free.

General Hours of Operation

We are open for business and taking orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year. Most of the time, we are processing orders 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM US Eastern Time, exclusive of normal daily meal times.

Browsing/Viewing Tips

A full catalog of all XXX Erotic Porn Fiction Stories available in various categories can be found by clicking the “All Categories” button on the home page.

There is a search box on the top of all pages. There, you can search for a particular title, author, word or phrase that interests you. The text you can enter for two particular words are masked with the character “#” in them: r#pe and inc#st.

Browsing and search results pages are presented in a list, showing title, catalog number and cover image (when available) in each row. Clicking on the catalog number or the cover image reveals a detailed page for that title containing the catalog number, title and author, and an “Add to cart” button.

Shopping Cart Tips

The Shopping Cart symbol in page headers takes you to the Checkout Page to review your selections and then link to our secure payment processor to complete your purchase.

We require a minimum order purchase amount of $4.98 before we can process any order. This will be enforced by the Shopping Cart during the Checkout process.

When ordering more than one eBook, our Shopping Cart allows adding multiple selections to your cart before Checkout and payment, which saves you from entering payment details multiple times.

There is a link in the Shopping Cart allowing you to “Continue Shopping” and buttons allowing you to remove an item in the Shopping Cart (red circle with a minus sign in it) and to empty the Shopping Cart completely (cart with a red x over it).

Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions of Use and check the box saying that you agree to them. If you are having problems with the Shopping Cart, Contact Us and let us know what is happening so we can fix things.

Required Order Delivery Details

We require that you provide us with a valid email address so that we can successfully deliver your order to you by email, anywhere in the world, and to communicate with you if there are problems with your order. We do not use, sell nor provide your email address to anyone for any other purpose.

Repeated order delivery problems for invalid email addresses will be subject to a service charge that will be deducted from any refund payment.

Payment Method

A secure electronic payment processing service is available to you to pay for your order, using your choice of major credit or debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please let us know (Contact Us).

Do you buy used adult paperback books?

Maybe. Contact us with details of what you have. We also accept donations of any titles, paperback or ebook, that we don’t have.

Do ebook orders come as download links? What does the order look like?

Currently, we manually assemble your order as individual .pdf file attachments in an email that we send back to you, after we verify your payment. Large orders of multiple eBooks may be emailed back to you in multiple emails. Each ebook you order is a separate file attachment. Once you receive your order, you can download and save the email attachment(s) on your computer or other device.

Do your ebooks work on ebook readers?

All of our ebooks come in PDF format, and will work on almost all eBook reader devices (Kindle, Neo, Nook, Sony, etc.). We have not yet heard of any ebook reader that cannot view our eBooks.

How do Kindle rules affect your ebooks on Kindle devices?

To receive our eBooks on Kindle readers at your email address requires that our email address be added to Your Approved Personal Document E-mail List. You will need to add our email address there. Amazon may automatically convert some .pdf files to their Kindle .azw format. If you keep our eBooks as .pdf files and not try to convert them, they should arrive OK. Check that your account settings are NOT requesting this conversion before contacting us about an order that did not arrive on your Kindle device. Check the Kindle documentation at the above link for more information.

Do your ebooks work on Mac computers?

Our eBooks in PDF format work just fine on any Mac computer equipped with PDF reader software, such as Adobe Reader.

What format are your eBooks?

We offer our eBooks in PDF format, and will work on any computer equipped with PDF reader software, such as Adobe Reader. PDF reader software is free and readily available. eBooks in this format will also work on any eBook reader devices (Kindle, Neo, Nook, Sony, etc.), tablets (iPAD, etc.) and smartphones that also support PDF reader software.

Why does it sometimes take so long to get my order?

There are a couple of possible reasons for this. One is that your email is blocking order delivery until you add us (service “@” to your email address book, “safe senders” or whitelist. Sometimes orders emailed to you can be flagged as spam or junk by your email service provider, and not be delivered to your email Inbox, or could end up in your spam or junk folder. It is also possible that the payment processing service being used may take a while longer than usual to complete that step. Once they complete payment processing for your order, they send us their email notifying us that payment has been placed in our account. We wait for that email before sending your order to you. Another reason is that we could be sleeping or away for food during normal US east coast times for those activities. No worries – we’ll catch up and get your order to you!

Do you offer website membership accounts?

We no longer offer membership accounts. Such an account is not needed to make a purchase from us.

Why can’t I print the ebooks that I buy?

Our standard eBooks are not meant to be printed. They are meant to be viewed on a computer or other electronic device. Ebooks by definition aren’t on paper, but are electronic.

Can I return eBooks and get a refund?

eBooks are not returnable, and therefore are not eligible for a refund.

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