An Animal Heat by Jon Reskind
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“It’s lovely… absolutely lovely!” exclaimed the beautiful, blonde Kitty as she walked into the cabin through the closed half of the Dutch door. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I never would have dreamed that there could be so much beauty in nature.”

Her sister, Janet, darker and somewhat taller, though no less lovely for her being five years older, turned away from her cutting board in the small kitchen and smiled. “I thought you might like it. And judging from the fact that you’ve only been out for an hour, I can tell that you’ve only seen a small part of it.”

Suddenly Janet’s huge German shepherd bounded into the kitchen from another part of the cabin, his tail wagging in expression of his happiness to see his new friend.

“Oh, Duke,” Kitty said, bending down to pet his great head, “you should have come with me. There were a lot of rabbits I know you would have liked to chase.”

“So you like my little area here, do you?” Janet said as she ceased her preparation of dinner and dried her wet hands on a towel. Her hair was a little darker than her twenty-eight year old sister’s, and she wore it in a stylish cut, unlike Kitty, who preferred to let her long golden hair fall loosely to her waist.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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