The Dog-Lover by Jon Reskind
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Rhonda Baker lay prone across the queen-sized, walnut-framed water bed on her belly, her arms bent at the elbows, her beautiful young face resting in her hands while she watched the Democratic convention on her television set perched atop her antique dresser. Politics had never appealed to her sense of justice, but on a hot summer afternoon the paunchy-bellied frustrated lobbyists and their prissy wives parading around in sexless shirtwaist dressed before the cameras, helped pass the time and add a few laughs on an otherwise uneventful day.

Her shapely buttocks, covered only by a brief black bikini, jutted up proudly behind her at the base of her long tapering back and her legs were bent at the knees, her ankles clapping together in mid-air. The soft August breeze blew the curtains aside and poured into the room, whisking across her nearly naked back like the tender touch of a lover, and the sun slanted to make golden stripes across the burgundy bedspread.

And a dreary day it was, too, for Bob, her fiancee was on his way to the airport, packed and ready to fly to Minneapolis for an interview. Rhonda was not the modern liberated, professionally-aggressive female. College, with its grueling routine of cramming for exams, trying to please art teacher’s tastes and get a passing grade had cured her of aspirations. Now, at twenty-three, she was perfectly content lying in the sun in the afternoons, watching television, dressing and waiting for Bob to come by. Sure… soon she’d have to look for a job, but in the time being, she would indulge her own pleasures. Life was too short as it was…

The red haired lovely lay on her bed, dumbly watching the flickering screen, none of the political ploys and inter-party politics sinking into her pretty skull. Tonight would be a long night, she knew. The first night since Bob had left for Minneapolis. Ten more sex-less nights in front of her before she could cuddle up into the protective circle of his strong arms and let him please her. Rhonda let out a long, heartless sigh. Ten days in a cold bed alone was an eternity!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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