An Animal-Loving Bride by Author Unknown

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Her internal mechanism waking her up moments before the alarm was due to ring, lovely, petite Kate Hutch opened her pale hazel eyes and stared at the clock resting on the night stand beside her half of the bed. She watched as the second hand made another sweep, using the minute to bring herself to full consciousness before she drew one naked arm from the loving warmth of her blankets and pushed in the button, making sure that her husband, sleeping next to her was not disturbed.

She shivered slightly as she brought her arm back under the blankets, her fingers brushing lightly first against her satin-smooth flesh, and then against the muscular hardness of Mark’s powerful body. She turned over lightly, making sure that he did not waken because of her movements, and allowed her eyes to fix on his handsome, rugged face. She couldn’t hold back a face-splitting smile of total, unfettered love as she stared at him, watching him with his mouth slightly open, his breath rasping in a half snore, half hiss. A tear of happiness came to her eyes, and she bit on her lower lip, her cunt already seeping its warm lubrication as she anticipated the pleasures he would be bringing her in just a short time. Uuuuuummmmmm … It was all she could do to not think about how things had been with her before she married him less than a month ago, on the day after their graduation from college. Even though she had been dating him for almost a year at that point, she had never allowed him to go all the way with her. His hands would roam lightly, lovingly over the soft suppleness of her firm young body, dipping here and there, pressing against her sensitive, swollen breasts through her blouse or shirt, rubbing tightly against her vagina through her skirt or jeans, exciting her to no end. But she had remained steadfast in her desire to be a virgin when she married, and she had managed to uphold that promise to herself, keeping her hymen intact until that first satisfying thrust of her husband’s thick cock up into the moist, hot depths of her vagina, tearing her maidenhood forever …

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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