Mom Horses Around by Bob Wallace
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In MOM HORSES AROUND, we see the sexual development of a mother and a daughter. One is just discovering her sexuality, the other is finally facing up to hers. It is a story which many of us should be able to relate to, a story with an important lesson for us all.

Madge Nelson rolled to her back and kicked off the covers. Her pussy sizzled as she climbed out of bed and walked to the window.

She gazed out beyond the trees, saw the barn where Jingles, the black stallion she had purchased, was stabled. She quivered. Jingles was going to be the answer to all of her prayers.

“Yours too, Wendy,” she said softly, thinking of her young daughter sleeping in the other room. “And yours, Tammy.” She looked at the photograph of her older daughter, who was coming up to join them later.

Her pussy turned to mush as she looked at herself in the mirror. A week in the mountains, she had told her daughters. A week of getting to know each other better. She smiled hotly.

She leered at her lush body hidden beneath the skimpy nightie. Her tits pressed against the thin material, the nipples hard and swollen with a lust she hadn’t satisfied since Jim had split and left her alone with Wendy and Tammy. She swayed her hips, rocking slowly as she skimmed her hands over her lovely body.

She mauled her tits anxiously, the pulpy meat yielding to her fingers beneath the flimsy nightie.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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