Her Father’s Daughter by Nora Kinkaid
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The big blonde came walking out of the bathroom wearing a pair of sheer, black bikini panties and a black lace bra that barely contained or concealed her large, melon like tits. Her long blonde hair swayed back and forth as she moved catlike towards the motel bed where Tony, an acquaintance of three hours, was laying in his shorts, smoking a cigarette.

He turned as her shadow fell across the bed and smiled at her. She was in her early twenties, and her body was all curves, without a trace of fat anywhere on her.

“Hey, sexy, you took long enough in the bathroom,” he said, swinging his muscular legs over the side of the bed.

Her voice was low and full of promise as she smiled and said, “Some things are worth waiting for, Tony.”

He stubbed out his cigarette and nodded. “You smell nice, baby. Did you put that perfume all over?”

She nodded and moved between his legs, letting her skin brush against the inside of his thighs. “I put it everywhere.”

Tony’s hand moved between her knees and he began sliding his fingers up her legs feeling her satin skin.

“Like where?” he asked …

She put her hands down on his shoulders and said, “Oh, under my arms, back of my ears, my legs-“

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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