Holly's Horse by Jason Cannon
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HOLLY’S HORSE is a novel concerning Holly St. Clair, a beautiful woman whose husband thinks of her more as a piece of expensive jewelry than as a wife. When Holly finally comes to this realization, her reaction is extreme-she takes part in every conceivable perversion in order to, supposedly, shame her husband into becoming a faithful and loving mate. Her story is one of unbelievable depravity and degradation, a story that will shock some, but a story which needs to be told.

Holly lay in bed, still half-asleep, with her hand pressed tightly between her thighs. The heel of it applied friction against her clitoris as she slowly and unconsciously gyrated her wide, womanly hips beneath the silk sheets.

She could hear, through the mist of sleep, her husband Jacques, badly rendering portions of “Carmen” in the shower. He sang like he did everything else: well, but not to perfection.

Holly didn’t know a lot about men. Her only sex experience had been with Jacques St. Clair. But she could guess enough to know that she was married to a flawed man.

As the sound of rushing water and the resonant baritone voice floated through the door to her ears, she imagined the solid, hulking body of her husband. His French father and Corsican mother must have been beautiful people, because they had bestowed a wealth of male beauty on their son. At forty he looked thirty, with a mane of wavy blond hair atop a six-foot-three-inch, heavily muscled frame that could move like a cat or loll like a tired, hulking bull.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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