Kennel Orgy by Robert Jenkins
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The girls in KENNEL ORGY are but just a few of the outwardly normal people who, motivated by trying circumstances, pursue a love of perversity and a depth of passion they had only dreamed existed. Their course of behavior awaited only the proper stimulus.

A fictional story about a society that refuses to acknowledge many of its real problems.

Judy loved to fuck. There was no getting around it. She loved the feel of a hard cock ramming up her horny cunt. Loved the feel when her twat spasmed and let loose in a body-bending orgasm, loved the feel of hot semen jetting up into her pussy hole. Yes, she loved sex, loved fucking, loved cock.

The trouble was, she couldn’t stand what was on the other end of those wonderful, hard, spouting cocks.

Men. She loathed them. Oh, not all, just most of the tricky, manipulative bastards.

So why had she started fucking in the first place? Well, Judy thought, she’d been lucky at first. Only eighteen years old, shy, a small-town girl. Off at college on her own, unchaperoned, at a party, drinking for nearly the first time.

His name had been Tom. My God, she could barely remember now what he looked like! Tom.

Judy tried to think back, but thinking was a little hard. She was lying on her back, naked on her bed, her legs spread wide, one finger gliding sensuously up and down the wet heated length of her pussy slit.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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