A Girl And Her Dogs by John Kellerman
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The weather had just turned warm.

There was something magical about that turning, and Hattie was thinking of this as she followed the path that wound into the woods away from her house. With summer here she’d be using the path a lot. It led through trees and thickets, past a pond and after another half-mile broke into the open field behind her best friend’s house.

Hattie’s best friend was Diane Colson, who lived with her grandmother and brother in a dilapidated house. Hattie’s own home wasn’t much less dilapidated. Her mother took in washing, and when her father was around, he added to the family’s income. Hattie’s only other friend outside of Diane was her dog, Bruno, a sleek brown Doberman she’d found as a puppy.

Sometimes she took Bruno with her while visiting Diane, but today he’d been limping from a sore paw so she’d left him behind. Hattie passed the big oak that marked the halfway point between her house and Diane’s, and stopped to rest. There was a rock there perfect for sitting, and she sat. She was sweating a little in the dampness of the early morning and her panties were clinging to her young cunt mound.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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