Naughty Neighbor, Horny Dog by Bob Wallace
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Shari stood in front of her mirror, admiring her lithe naked body. Small plump tits, capped with pink swollen nipples jutted out proudly. She cupped them and shivered as a tiny spasm rippled through her virgin pussy.

She squeezed her thighs together, her eyes closing as the milky cream from her cunt warmed her silky flesh. She purred, bringing her hand down over her taut stomach to the silky blonde hair of her cunt.

She stroked her fingers through her pussy hole. She sighed, bringing her hand up and staring at the white filmy cream that coated her fingers. She licked them, closing her eyes and pretending they were a cock that had just fucked her. She did it again and again as her knees turned to rubber and she melted to the floor, her ass grinding into the carpet.

She spread her legs, straddling the door, her ass wiggling until her cunt was flush with the edge. She gasped as she humped her hips rhythmically, her hot sizzling pussy drenching the wood.

She gasped, her ears picking up sounds coming from her mother’s room. They sounded like moans.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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