Daughter Among The Dogs by David Crane
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In DAUGHTER AMONG THE DOGS, Debby Travis, having never known the touch of a man, is suddenly deluged with feelings she cannot handle one very special weekend. Not only is she taught the pleasures that a man can bring her, but she learns that there are pleasures beyond imagining in breaking society’s taboos.

That weekend, she breaks one taboo after another, doing more in those two days than most women do in a lifetime. Although she knows that what her body wants is forbidden, she cannot help herself. She must go where her desires lead and do what her heart tells her to do.

John Travis gulped when he saw the way that his sexy wife was dressed when he got home from the office. Julia was standing in front of the wet bar, mixing John his customary martini, but there was nothing customary about the rest of the scene.

Julia did not look like a housewife greeting her husband’s daily return, not at all. For one thing, she was almost naked. She was wearing a black negligee of silken material, semi-transparent that clung to her lush curves and, as she moved, caressed her. She also wore net stockings and a black garter belt and high-heeled shoes-and that was all that the woman was wearing.

John’s formidable prick began to rise.

He had seen his wife dressed this way before, but only in the privacy of their bedroom.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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