Aunt Hot For Horses by Paul Gable
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In AUNT HOT FOR HORSES, Anne Williams is an innocent victim of degenerate individuals. Her situation proves that no woman is safe, whether she is walking alone in the street at night or during the daytime, or, as in Anne’s case, in the supposed safety of her own farm. She has the attitude, as most do, that nothing can happen to her.

AUNT HOT FOR HORSES is the story of a woman degraded and used in every way by demented men. It is a contemporary story of the possible dangers facing every one of us.

“It’s so damned hot!”

Anne Williams brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from her damp forehead as she leaned against the sink counter. Outside the small curtained window she saw the farm her husband had left her. It stretched, she thought, like an endless desert, offering her little money and no pleasure.


The farm was about as exciting as her husband. Anne smiled wryly, watching as several chickens scratched around in the near-by dirt for scraps of corn meal or hay. What a disaster that had turned out to be! A girl from Chicago just couldn’t find happiness in the outback of Fresno, without money or a stud. And Fred was no stud and no millionaire.

Stud. The word brought shivers to Anne’s pussy. She closed her eyes, feeling her flesh crawl while her cuntal muscles tightened at the thought of fucking. Fucking-a good hard wild session of fucking. What she wouldn’t have given for that!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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