Horse-Hungry Mother by Bob Wallace
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Natalie Rogers reined in her pony at the small stream. Anxiously, her heart pounding wildly, she leaped off Stormy and stroked his neck as her smooth flesh tingled in anticipation of what she was planning.

“I should wait for Sandy,” she said, “but Christ, Stormy, I’m so fuckin’ hot.”

Stormy tossed his head and snorted, then lowered his head and drank from the stream. His thick tail swished as his pretty young mistress stroked his flank.

Nervously, Natalie glanced around. It was perfect. Secluded and quiet, just the way she knew it would be. Her hands went straight to the buttons on her shirt. She sighed as she peeled off her shirt. Her small tits pressed against the lace of her bra as she took a deep anxious breath.

Taking another deep ragged breath, she unhooked her bra, freeing her creamy tits. A spasm shot through her virgin pussy as she rubbed her hands over the soft flesh of her sensitive tits. Quickly, she pulled off her jeans and boots as the juices in her hot cunt began to seep.

“If you were a boy, Stormy,” she purred as she latched her fingers in her panties, “you’d be all over me now, touching my tits and hot cunt.”

She shivered, her own words turning her pussy to a mushy ooze of bubbling cunt-cream. She skimmed off her panties and bared her flesh to the warm morning breeze. Hot flashes swept through her teenaged body. Stripping out in the open was daring, and her skin flushed pink with excitement.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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