Sister's Canine Habit by Paul Gable
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Her mother had always told her she was beautiful. She felt, however, that she was neither beautiful nor ugly. Blonde-haired, small, she was nonetheless full-figured-large, pendulous tits, firm thighs, lithe legs and a plump yet rounded ass that had drawn admiring eyes from all the boys at school. But she had had another vocation chosen for her than that of flirting with men and, later, marriage. The union with God would be the only union that would satisfy Sister Mary Theresa.

And yet now she felt something else besides religious fervor as she stood in front of the cracked bathroom mirror. Was it wrong to feel that pull of the flesh, that hellish fire in her cunt that turned her thoughts away from the cross? The saints have felt this. Who am I to think I would not?, the young nun thought as she curled her slender fingers around the porcelain sink and pressed her burning thighs against the cool surface. She had received her final vows only two months ago from the archbishop. Her father had been so proud of her. But her mother still doubted her devotion to the Church.

Perhaps her mother had seen something in her she hadn’t. Sister Mary Theresa didn’t know. But ever since she had come to this convent in the rolling countryside of Central California, the attractive nun had felt something stirring inside. It was a force she could not comprehend, but one she instinctively knew would be an evil one. And those dreams!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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