Sister's Dog Frenzy by Paul Gable
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“Oh, fuck … wow!”

Ginger Halloway squirmed her naked ass on the wide bed, her ankles rubbing against the wrinkled top sheet. She was breathing heavily as she kept her hand under her right tit. The touch gave her a chill. The girl’s first inclination was to stop touching. But her mother wasn’t home. Her two cousins were out too, and her brother was still at work. No one at home except little Ginger, and she could do as she wanted. “God!”

The blonde teenager thumbed her nipple until it grew turgid and pushed up out of the soft surrounding areola. The effect was electric. Ginger scooted down a little on the bed, the back so her naked legs feeling so itchy and hot against the cotton topsheet. She had taken off her halter earlier, having draped it carefully on the nearby nightstand. Now her electric-blue shorts pressed sloppily up against her cuntlips. Ginger sighed. The tickle of her nipple had started slick juices flowing between her cuntlips. When she rocked her hips the heat spread. Oh, it was like something out of those erotic books she’d been sneaking from her brother’s bedroom!

Ginger felt the material snugging up between her puffy outer cuntlips. She was burning for more sensation, more heat. Her breathing had grown shallow. Letting out another sigh, the girl licked her dry lips, tossing her head against the pillow. The hand resting on her belly was trembling, the fingers inching down toward her cunt.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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