The Widow's Doggie Fun by David Crane
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At the age of twenty-five, Julie Carver still suffers from a lack of sexual maturity. Although she knows she is attractive, she is still afraid to fully respond as a woman. It is only when she learns to appreciate her sensual nature to its fullest that she becomes a confident and successful adult.

THE WIDOW’S DOGGIE FUN-a novel about a woman’s struggle to free herself from deep-seated fears and inhibitions, and take her place as a fully functioning, independent, and knowledgeable adult.

“I’m feeling really horny today,” Karen Ryder announced.

Julie Carver raised her eyebrows. The two women were neighbors and Karen had stopped at Julie’s for morning coffee and, seated at the kitchen table, she had suddenly blurted out her announcement. She blushed slightly and looked a bit sheepish. Julie grinned.

“John usually fucks me in the morning,” Karen said. “But he was late waking up today and we didn’t have time-and it’s left me frustrated as hell. A girl gets used to morning cock, right?”

“I always like it, myself,” Julie agreed.

“What do you do for sex now that you’re a widow?”

Julie shrugged. “Oh, this and that,” she said.

The two women gazed at each other across the table. They were both very sexy-looking girls. Karen had long black hair, as straight as if she’d ironed it, framing a face with high cheekbones and slanted green eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. Her tits were big and firm, her waist was tiny and her hips swept out in lush abundance. She was wearing a light cotton dress that molded itself to her body. And even if she had not admitted to being horny the fact was obvious enough because of the way her big, stiff nipples stood out in twin peaks.

Julie, by contrast, was a bouncy blonde. She wore her hair short and curly and her big, blue eyes looked deceptively innocent. Her body was well rounded, with tits like inflated balloons and a heart-shaped ass. She was not dressed yet-having just got up when Karen stopped by-and she was wearing a sexy black negligee, semi-transparent. Her nipples were stiff, too, like valves by which those balloon-shaped tits had been blown up, and the outline of her abundant pussy hair was faintly visible through the sheer black garment.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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