Horse-Hungry Cousins by Bob Wallace
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Maria Martin’s young body tingled as she brushed her horse. It was always like this. The more she brushed, the hotter she became. There was something sexual about being able to caress and keep her horse’s coat shiny and sleek.

She stepped back in the stable aisle and shivered. Fury’s reddish-brown coat was as smooth as velvet.

“You look super, Fury,” she said, a tremor of excitement in her voice. “Super.”

Maria squeezed her thighs together. She was going to be able to spend the entire summer at the farm. She scratched Fury on the forehead.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun,” she said as her horse nuzzled his wet nose against her neck. “And we’re gonna win that blue ribbon too.”

She quivered as his wet nose sent goose bumps down her spine.


Maria turned and blushed. It was almost as if she had been caught doing something wrong. She saw her cousin, Angie, and smiled nervously. “Hi.”

Angie gave her young cousin a sly smile. “Don’t you ever get tired of brushing him?”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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