Niece's Dog Fun by Bob Wallace
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NIECE’S DOG FUN is the story of a family and its gradual progression toward debauchery where what others think means nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily norm. But is it? Not for the characters in this story—outwardly yes, but in reality no.

NIECE’S DOG FUN—a novel which reveals what is really happening behind the closed doors throughout America.

Dawn wiggled under the covers and sighed as she pushed her panties down over her slim hips. Her small, trembling hands dipped between her juicy thighs and a tremor swept through her young body. She kicked off her panties as pussy cream greeted her exploring fingers.

“So hot,” she moaned. “So hot.” She stroked her virgin pussy gash, coating her fingers in the creamy juice of her sizzling teenaged pussy. “So fucking hot!”

Kicking the covers off of herself, her young slender body quaked. Legs spread wide, she rolled her hips as soft, panting gasps came from her moist lips. The pink slit of her cunt dripped and the puffy folds glistened with the filmy juice of her overheated cunthole.

Frantic, she yanked off her nightie and tossed it on the floor. Her tits, creamy and plump, jiggled. The swollen pink nipples ached and she brought one quivering hand to the soft meat of her tits.

“God!” she moaned.

She squeezed her tits and fondled her cunt. Her body shuddered, stiffened, then twitched as waves of pleasure swept over her. Juice from her pulsing vagina oozed from her pussyhole, soaking her fingers and dripping down to the crack of her swiveling ass.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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