Daughter Eager For Dogs by Paul Gable
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DAUGHTER EAGER FOR DOGS is a story about a woman and her daughter, and their reaction to a totally different and unusual situation. Both Evelyn and her daughter, Crissy, must learn to deal with the new shocking acts to which they are unexpectedly exposed. Both learn to deal with the new experiences successfully and even enjoy them.

DAUGHTER EAGER FOR DOGS-the story of two women who take responsibility for the direction in their own lives. It holds a lesson we would all do well to learn.

Evelyn Daniels curled her fingers into the soft back of the couch, her knees rubbing against one another while her pussy tightened like a small wet little fist. Setting her teeth on edge, the attractive thirty-five-year-old blonde let her head fall back a little, feeling the soft, sexy rub of the strands against her bare back. She was warm-no, hot, so very, very hot! Rolling her thighs, feeling the silky, subtle rub of her cunt lips against one another, Evelyn sighed and wished her late husband Ralph were somehow brought back alive from that terrible auto accident of three years ago. Now she was alone, terribly alone and terribly aroused. “Ohhhh!”

That awfully itchy tingle was sparking away in her pussy, making her knees knock against one another while her pulse raced as if it would set fire to her veins! The blonde let out another tiny gasping sigh. She was a woman, a mature woman with a teenaged daughter! She could control her emotions. She had done exactly that for the past three years, raising a daughter, holding down a part-time job at the supermarket while trying to make ends meet. Thank God for that wonderful, wonderful vodka that had managed to settle her nerves.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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