The Wife Digs Dogs by Kathy Harris
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THE WIFE DIGS DOGS is a story of everyday, responsible people whose lives are wrought with common frailties; people who seek pleasure, profit, expediency; people not unlike those who may live in your town or your neighborhood. Respectable citizens-yes, but not without the foibles and weaknesses seen every day in nearly every city.

THE WIFE DIGS DOGS provides a unique insight into those emotions with which we all must live, a look at America at the grass-roots level.

Casey Miller was feeling lonely-and very, very horny. As usual, her husband, Sid, was out of town on business. That meant that it was completely up to Casey to find ways to relieve her boredom. And her horniness.

She sprawled nakedly on her bed, running her hands up and down her body. She could feel her pussy swelling with arousal and her juices began to flow.

Her large tits rested high on her chest and, in spite of their enormous size, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch. Her nipples were large as well as long and, at this moment, they were tingling and burning with desire.

She moaned softly, squirming slightly on the bed as she moved her hands up to her tits and began to stroke them.

Casey and her frequently absent husband had not lived in their big suburban house for very long.

She tossed her head from side to side on her pillow, wondering what was happening to her.

She rubbed both of her tit-mounds, moving her hand faster and faster until she finally gripped both of her nipples in the grip of her thumbs and forefingers. She pinched her nips lightly at first, then a little harder.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned,

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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