Mom's Donkey Urge by David Crane
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Buck lay curled on the floor in the corner of the rustic cabin, panting slightly, his long, red tongue lolling out from the side of his jaw. The big black-and-tan hound looked exhausted, and it was obviously not from chasing rabbits — because his cock and balls had evidently just been drained. His balls were shrunken between his hind legs and his long prick hung along the floor in a soft coil of meat. The tip of his slick red cockhead still nudged out from the shaggy cocksheath, and the naked red prick was streaked with lashings of cum. A gossamer thread of glistening jism connected his open pisshole to a little slippery pool of slime on the floorboards.

His prick was still in the process of diminishing, the stalk rippling as it softened and the shiny knob slowly retreating back into the hairy cocksheath, spinning that slimy thread out as it withdrew. The big dog was spent, but not yet sleeping. His eyes were open and one ear was cocked and his wet black nose twitched with mild interest. Buck was finished, himself, but he was still paying attention to the continuing activity on the bunk bed across the room.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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