Horse-Crazy Schoolgirl by Kathy Harris
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Teenaged Pam Tucker quietly slipped out of her house into the midnight darkness. Immediately, the beautiful youngster broke into a run, not stopping until she reached the Davis Stables where she worked after school, weekends, and vacation periods.

“God, I’m so horny!” she gasped as she quickly stripped all her clothes off and lay down in the soft straw.

Pam wasted no time in touching her pussy. It was on fire with desire.

Moaning softly, Pam stroked her pussy. It felt so good. She had done this many times before, and she knew from experience that she would be able to make herself come if she touched herself just right.

As she continued to massage her moist pussy, Pam could feel her blood growing hotter, pumping down toward her crotch. She could feel her inner and outer cuntlips swelling and throbbing with lust.

“Oh, yes, it feels sooo good,” she groaned. She felt an intense tingling at the insides of her trembling thighs. And she felt a mounting ache in her loins. She could feel that her entire body was flushed with desire.

For just a few seconds, the teenager’s mind filled with the image of Brent Davis, the owner of the stables, and her boss. Brent was a tall, handsome, well-built young man, and more than once, Pam had thought that it would be great to fuck him.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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