Mom's Doggie Lover by Paul Gable
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In MOM’S DOGGIE LOVER, the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies—and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

MOM’S DOGGIE LOVER–a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.

It was a great party! Francie Williams held a cup of nonalcoholic punch in one hand, tapping her toes to the music. It was the very first party where she had a date. Her mother, of course, had been reluctant to let her go. But she had prevailed, and now was enjoying herself terribly. For one thing, Brad was half-nutty tonight. He’d been trying to get to first base with her, talking about bedrooms and all that kind of thing. Francie had giggled, feeling her tight little cunt puckering and getting very very hot and moist when he touched her ass like that.

“Brad!” she had said, giving him that warning look and shying away from him even though his words had excited her terribly. Fucking—just thinking of the word sent hot shivers racing through her flesh—just wasn’t on her ticket this evening. Giving up for the moment, Brad was in the corner talking with some of his buddies, eyeing her every now and then to see if there was some change in her attitude. Francie smiled noncomittally, then turned away and pretended to be engrossed by the music.

“Francie, like the party?”

It was Diane, her very best friend in the world coming over and hooking one arm through hers. The tall brunette smiled at Brad, then hugged the blonde teen tightly.

“Brad doing anything?”

Francie reddened, feeling her heart skip a beat while her cuntal walls buckled. A strange hot glow washed over her flesh, making her breathe just a bit faster.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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