Twin Daughters For Dogs by Kathy Harris
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Dee thought about all the lovers she and her twin sister had had. They both agreed that, even though they did like to be fucked by a human cock now and then, most of the boys just cared about their own pleasure. They just wanted to fuck hard and fast until they came, not caring whether their partner came or not.

The Dixons’ dog kennels had a good-sized room in the front which was partitioned off from the actual kennels in the back where the dogs stayed. In this front area, there were a counter, a couple of wooden benches, the cash register, several plaques, photos and awards.

At that moment, the floor in this room was strewn with the teenagers’ discarded clothes. Kim was on one of the benches, which was wide enough to support her as she lay there on her back.

Sitting directly on Kim’s flushed face was her twin sister, Dee. Kim’s nose was pressing be tween her sister’s asscheeks. She could feel her sister’s body heat and there were little trickles of pussyjuice which had run in between Dee’s asscheeks and which were now flooding Kim’s nose.

Kim struggled to breathe, but she didn’t mind the slight discomfort. Lying on her back with her twin sister sitting on her face was one of her favorite positions.

Now, Dee squirmed about, pressing her cunt on her twin’s nose and moistly puckered lips. She grunted as she pressed her naked cunt hard against Kim’s waiting mouth. Dee’s cuntlips spread lewdly to the sides as Kim pressed little wet kisses against the pulsing cuntflesh.

“Mmmm, yessss, Sis,” Dee moaned happily, writhing slightly on her sister’s face.

Kim ran her tongue all over the exposed cunt meat, soaking it with her saliva which mingled with Dee’s thick juices.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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