Daughter Loves Horses by Curt Aldrich
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Cindy felt like an animal. It was disgusting, but she couldn’t help herself. With every thrust of Oscar’s big cock in her clutching pussyhole, she lost more and more control. She found herself grunting, grinding her pelvis up at him, trying to suck his cock deeper inside herself. If he hadn’t been clothed, she would have sunk her fingernails through the skin on his upper back. She was delirious, out of her mind with heat and fuck-itch. She couldn’t help herself, and she knew that at this moment she was no better than an animal.

“Fuck me! Oh fuck me!” she growled, her teeth clenched, her brunette head twisting from side to side against the mattress.

“Cindy!” Oscar moaned. “Oh Cindy! Oh God, Cindy!”

His face was flushed the color of his cock-head, and he dripped sweat. His rigid prick plunged in Cindy’s cunt, making her fuck juices froth out and soil his dress trousers.

“Marry me, Cindy! Oh please, I wanna marry you!”

“Don’t talk,” Cindy grunted. “Oh please, just keep moving!”

“Marry me, Cindy, please marry me!”

“Fuck me!” Cindy mumbled, her hips churning, her body undulating. With each thrust of Oscar’s cock into her crotch, she felt like moaning, “Yes, yes, I will marry you,” but she still retained enough of her sanity not to be that stupid.

“Keep moving, Oscar! Keep fucking!” She tightened her pussy, wiggled her ass, and watched her boyfriend’s eyes nearly pop out.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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