Widow Hot For Dogs by Kathy Harris
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As Sue Dreyer, a young widow, let herself into her house, she realized that her pussy was dripping wet with cunt-juice. Since her husband had died a short time before, the woman had been lost in a world of grief and mourning, with no energy or motivation left over for anything to do with sex.

But now, after what she had just seen, she had to admit that she was super turned on. She felt her pussy drooling with juice, her cunt-flesh burning hot with arousal.

“God!” she exclaimed as she stood in the middle of her living room and slowly began to undress. She shook her head in awe, remembering vividly the thrilling scene she had just witnessed at her friend’s house. Sue had walked in on her friend, Carol, fucking.

When she had seen her naked friend crouched there on the floor, with a thick cock rutting in and out of her wet pussy, Sue had felt a jolt of desire which had left her breathless.

Sue had quickly left her friend’s house, but now she could still hear Carol’s lewd moans and cries of pleasure ringing in her ears.

“Jesus, but I’m horny!” Sue groaned, thinking that if she could just make herself cum now, she would be all right. She would be able to get the image of Carol fucking out of her mind.

Sue kicked off her shoes and unsnapped the tops of her designer jeans. She pulled down the zipper to her fly, then hooked her thumbs under her jeans and the elastic to her panties at the same time.

Her pants were so tight that she had to wiggle her ass from side to side to pull them down. She sighed as her wet panties pulled out from between her thoroughly engorged pussy-lips.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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