Mom's Doggy Delights by Paul Gable
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Laura Dermis is the victim of immoral people, or so she would like to believe. She finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. She wants to believe that she is a victim of forces beyond her control. But, ultimately, she cannot deny the truth.

MOM’S DOGGY DELIGHTS-the shocking story of a woman who believes herself innocent learning the sordid truth about her sexual needs. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.

“Now you be a good boy. Mind Cindy,” Laura Dennis said, bending over and petting her three-year-old German shepherd lovingly on the head. “If he gives you any trouble …”

“He won’t, Mother, I promise. We get along,” Cindy said, blushing as she drew her knees together. She felt that all-too-familiar itchy tingle nibbling into her clit. The young blonde felt ashamed, feeling something like this right in front of her mother and the dog! It was wrong to have these feelings. Her mother had told her so many times. But lately Cindy couldn’t seem to control her emotions. Even now her nipples were tender and juicy, rubbing raw-it seemed-against her white cotton pullover. As she walked to the door, she could feel the slick rub of her cuntlips against one another.

Cindy was glad her mother was going to the movies with her friends. It would give the girl enough time to think about what was happening to her and try to understand these confusing changes.

“In case you hear anything outside, call the police,” Laura said.

“Have a good time, Mother. I’ll be home and lock up,” Cindy said, closing the door. She felt Pal pressing his cold snout up against the back of her leg. “I know, Pal. But it’s been such a long time since mom’s gone out. Since dad died, she just isn’t having any fun.”

Cindy stopped, smiling at herself. She was talking to the shepherd as if he were one of her friends at school. Pushing her hair back, Cindy sauntered to the living room couch, sitting down heavily, and picking up the TV guide. She flipped through it, wondering if she should finish up her American history assignment now or watch television.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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