Horse And Dog Family by Jason Bonds
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Jan’s pussy was already hot and moist with need as she lay in the luxurious canopy bed and watched her handsome husband undressing. Beneath the blue satin sheet, she rubbed her silken thighs together, causing her slippery cuntlips to tingle warmly.

Eric Hanley had stripped down to his white cotton briefs and was carefully hanging his tuxedo in the closet, which was filled with expensive suits. He slid the big mirrored door shut and checked himself out in the mirror, using his fingers to tousle his immaculately groomed blond hair. Then he crossed the huge bedroom with his most impressive macho swagger to join his gorgeous wife.

“You looked very debonair tonight, darling,” Jan said as he approached the bed. “But I still prefer you naked.”

“That wouldn’t have gone over too well at the country club,” Eric said, pushing his shorts down and stepping out of them. He scrambled onto the bed, sitting back on his heels, his limp prick dangling. “And speaking of naked what’s this with the negligee? You expecting company?”

“You like it?” she cooed, scooting up and propping herself against a satin pillow. Her long black hair cascaded over the pillow, and the strawberry-tipped points of her pert tits were faintly visible through the sheer white fabric. “I bought it in Dallas the other day, while you were in Venezuela.”

“It’s nice,” Eric said as he reached out and spread the front of her negligee open, filling both hands with the pliant flesh of her bare tits. “But I like what’s under it better.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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