The Babysitter Takes Dogs by Ted Leonard
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Cindy Lake is a young babysitter embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by her powerful emotions, sometimes feeling guilty about her awakening sexuality, sometimes getting angry over imagined slights and youthful misjudgements.

THE BABYSITTER TAKES DOGS—the story of one average young American girl’s coming of age. A lesson to us all. A reminder, once again, that growing up is not easy.

Pretty Cindy Lake waved good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Jenson and closed the door. She went to the children’s bedroom and checked on the kids. They were fast asleep. Cindy smiled to herself. The Jensons wouldn’t be home for hours. Now she could have her fun. Sex fun.

She went into the living room and perched her cute little ass on the sofa. She leaned back and felt her tits for a few moments. Her nipples spiked in the tightness of her light dress. She smiled and slipped her hands down between her curvy young thighs. She drew her dress way up on her belly and exposed her naked little pussy.

Her blue eyes grew heavy as she stroked and fingered her juicy little cunt. She stretched her pretty legs real wide so she could really get at her hot pussy.

She was dazed and amazed by this turn of events in her sex life. She never dreamed she could cum so hard. She’d had nice cums with her naughty fingers ever since she started playing with herself. Wanting that again, she slumped on the sofa and held her dress way up on her taut young belly, and pushed her crotch forward.

Her eyes fluttered and her tits got hard in her dress. Panting hotly, she pulled her dress down in front and bared her lovely young tits. Her pink nipples spiked as she toyed with them, and she moaned when she got good feelings in her tits and pussy at the same time.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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