Daughter's Backwoods Animal Fun by Curt Aldrich
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“Get your bare feet down off that dashboard!” her mother said. “You weren’t raised in a barn!”

“The people around here don’t seem to mind it if you put your feet up in the window.”

Since entering the Ozarks, Jenny had seen several pickup trucks pass by that had feet up against the windshield or even hanging out the rider’s side window.

“The people around here are hillbilly hicks,” Jenny’s mother said, grinding out her lipstick stained cigarette in the ashtray. “They’re all uncivilized animals up here, like your father. They have no sophistication, no sensitivity, no political awareness. If people like that want their children’s dirty feet on display as they drive, that’s their business. But I’ll not permit it. So get your feet down this instant and put your shoes back on.”

“But Mom, it’s hot. It must be a hundred degrees.”

“Don’t you think I know it’s hot! How anybody can live in these godforsaken back hills is beyond me. I don’t know why I let you talk me into this. You should be spending the month with your Grandmother and Grandfather Simms, as you always have. I’m telling you for the last time, young lady, take your feet down out of that window!”

Jenny almost stuck her tongue out at her mother as she pulled her feet down off the dashboard. The woman was a dictator worse than Hitler. It was a constant struggle living with her. It was do this! Do that! Don’t do this! Don’t do that-all the time, every waking moment they were together. Jenny could understand why her father had left Florida and her mother ten years ago and had run off to these hills to live by himself.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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