Dog-Balling Neighbor Girl by Jason Bonds
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Kim’s pussy was getting juicy, wetting the crotch of her panties beneath her frilly white dress while she sat primly beside her mother in church.

The preacher’s sermon was making the cute little blonde hot. She couldn’t help it. Brother Johnson kept mentioning fornicators and sodomites and talking about people lying down with beasts . .

While the minister droned on about the sins of the flesh, his monotone voice lulling most of the congregation into a mellow stupor, Kim kept her big blue eyes focused on him, paying close attention. She was hoping he would mention lying down with beasts again. But now he was talking about adultery, and Kim didn’t find that nearly as interestingly naughty.

Rubbing her thighs together beneath her pretty dress, her toes curling inside her black patent leather shoes, the horny young girl felt her little pussy getting all runny again.

Kim’s father had “gone away when she was just a baby, and she and her mother lived alone.

The preacher droned on, returning to his favorite topic, fornication. He talked about that a lot.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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